We're uncovering nature's best kept food secrets.

The current food system is inefficient and environmentally harmful - it is broken. Our current agriculture system is not capable of handling the world's projected population growth.

83% of the world's farmland produces only 18% of human calorie intake.

There are almost 50,000 known edible plants on Earth. Over 60% of our calories are derived from only 3 staple crops; rice, wheat & maize.

We believe there must be a better way, and that nature has the answer.

Shiru is lifting the lid on nature to feed people sustainably to discover and produce new functional ingredients to improve the quality, taste, pleasure, nutrition and sustainability of plant-based food & beverages.

Shiru is using its deep understanding of the connection between molecular properties and functionality in food to find new natural ingredients for the food industry. We deploy machine learning to generate game-changing improvements in the discovery process's speed and accuracy, and we produce these naturally occurring ingredients via precision fermentation.

Our Values

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What we’ve done

🏆 YesDelft and DSM Meat Replacement Innovation Challenge

€50,000 prize and partnership with DSM

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Completed proof of concept on Shiru's discovery platform

Release of Shiru's first ingredients catalog

Women Who Tech Innovation Grant

Winner of $15,000 Innovation Grant

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2021 Deep Tech Elizabeth Elting Award

$100,000 Award

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Shiru moves into first HQ/Lab Space

First proteins selected from computational screening

Shiru closes seed round - $3.5m

Led by Lux Capital

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Graduated from Y Combinator

Batch S19

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Shiru Founded

Dr. Jasmin Hume founded Shiru in May 2019


Our Investors