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Shiru was founded by Dr. Jasmin Hume, an expert in alternative proteins with a passion for sustainable food. Typically after a PhD in protein engineering, the path leads to biomedicine. Instead of going down the typical route, Jasmin was curious… she wondered could we utilize the cutting-edge technology that discovers medicine, to discover new ingredients? Thus Shiru was born.


To make this vision a reality, the Shiru team now includes biochemists, data scientists, business development professionals, and others who want to help solve the biggest threats facing humanity: global warming, biodiversity collapse, and our public health crisis. We share a mission and a sense of urgency. That’s why we raised funds, hired a world-class team, built an R&D lab, and released our ingredients catalog within 12 months, all amid a global pandemic.

At Shiru we believe the future belongs to the curious — and the planet.

We’re inventing a better way to feed the planet…

…and this is why we do it.

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem, and preserves natural resources for future generations. That is why at Shiru, we are 100% focused on our mission of making the global food system sustainable.

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Livestock and fodder production each generate more than 3 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

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The global demand for food is expected to grow by up to 70% in the coming decades.

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Only 15 staple crops provide 90% of the world’s food energy intake.

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Sustainably delicious

The world is curious about plant-based foods.

There are about 30,000 edible plants in the world, but we get most of our calories from just four crops. There are amazing ingredient combinations to be discovered in the natural world for a better taste or cooking experience.


But plant-based foods will not thrive unless consumers enjoy eating and cooking with them. To win people over and make a meaningful change, plant-based foods have to be as good as — if not better than — animal-based foods.


We have a unique moment in history when deliciousness can actually help save the planet.

Our Values

At Shiru, we believe that our work will make the world a more sustainable place to live. Our values are the DNA of our organization.

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Strive for

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We aspire to create a sustainable future of food that is better for the planet and everyone on it.

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We identify and develop functional ingredients that can be used in food products that traditionally require animal-derived proteins.

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Focus on

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We prioritize creating a culture that values a supportive workplace as much as scientific brilliance. We know that a sustainable world ahead cannot happen without advocating for diversity, equality, and inclusiveness.

Shiru Team Members

The changemakers
behind Shiru

We are rapidly expanding our world-class team of food industry veterans, PhDs, and other scientific staff. Meet the talented people who are working passionately every day, combining our precision fermentation process with machine learning and artificial intelligence, to create a full suite of novel ingredients.

Come and change the food game with us

Shiru is on a mission to impact a billion lives. We are changing the traditional food system by creating alternative functional food ingredients that will catapult us into a sustainable food future.


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