Flourish™ finds the ingredients that you need.

Shiru is an ingredient technology company dedicated to making the global food system sustainable. Watch our video to discover how our Discovery Platform, Flourish™, can find the best ingredient solutions for any formulation challenge by mining our proprietary database.

The next generation of sustainable ingredients isn’t going to develop itself…

…so that’s where we come in.

To improve the sustainability of the food industry, we are on a mission to find functional ingredients that can replace animal-derived products. With Flourish™, we interrogate our database of nearly 450 million proteins found in nature to identify ingredients that will solve specific functional ingredient challenges.

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So many proteins, so little time.

The Flourish™ platform uses unconventional methods that lead to surprising ingredient discoveries.

We use conventional and unconventional methods to discover the next generation of sustainable ingredients.

By mining our proprietary database using machine learning and bioinformatics, we find the best protein ingredients for the food industry. The beauty of this is that Flourish™  is constantly getting smarter and functionally richer.

We sweat the science, so that the entire planet can reap the benefits.

Using precision fermentation, Shiru’s scientists create proteins that are exact molecular replicas of plant proteins that meet, or even exceed, the functional and nutritional attributes of those found in animals.

What happens when you put scientists, tech experts, and food industry veterans into a laboratory?

This might sound like the start of the joke, but it is, in fact, how Flourish™ came to be. Our team brings years of combined experience and knowledge to the table, along with a genuine passion for sustainability.

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Are you curious how we can innovate together?

If you’re discovering the next plant-based meat, cheese, or bakery product, you know that it has never been a more exciting time to be in the plant-based food industry.


Reach out to learn more about how you can utilize Flourish™ to discover ingredients that will solve your specific formulation challenge.

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