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Cheese that melts and stretches. Yogurt that’s thick and creamy and feels sumptuous in the mouth. Ice cream with freeze-thaw stability that does not crystallize. Taste, texture, mouthfeel are all tough challenges for plant-based dairy products. Shiru is uncovering and creating natural proteins to deliver the most critical functionalities for all plant-based dairy products.


From baked goods and burgers to sauces, custards, and salad dressings; eggs are a binding agent and emulsifier. But they’re not the only protein with these capabilities. Shiru zeros in on the specific functional performance required and finds label friendly, sustainable alternatives in the plant kingdom. Our ingredients catalog has several plant-based replacements for egg with excellent functional performance in a wide range of food applications.


What makes the perfect burger or cold cut? Juicy mouthfeel, melt-in-your-mouth indulgence, color, cooking profile, cohesion, and resilience on the fork or in a bun — and mouthwatering taste. Shiru creates plant-based ingredient solutions encompassing all these needs.

And So Much More

Food is a wonderfully diverse universe demanding varied ingredient solutions to address nutritional needs while still providing indulgent pleasure. We also can no longer view our food choices in isolation of the health of our planet: we know our food system has a detrimental effect on our environment. At Shiru we distill complex consumer needs for nutrition, pleasure, taste, texture, indulgence, sustainability, and price into requirements for the ingredients we create. We believe that nature has all the solutions we need to answer these challenges. Shiru’s discovery model was built to discover the best ingredients nature has to offer — contact us to discuss how you can access these next gen ingredients.