We are excited to announce that Chingyao Yang has joined Shiru as the Director of Automation.

Shiru’s mission is to feed people sustainably by leveraging machine learning and precision biology to identify and create ideal food proteins. A critical component of reaching our high throughput lab goals will be robots supporting scientists to generate consistent data and feeding the platform pipeline. With Chingyao’s extensive experience, we are thrilled that he will be leading these efforts!

Chingyao Yang received his Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry focusing on Protein Engineering at New York University and his B.S. from National Taiwan University. Chingyao brings to Shiru widely-diverse experience automating hundreds of workflows, ranging from the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), cell culture, to unique workflows for food and nutritions.

“Protein functionalities are fascinating and yet to be fully explored, so it’s exciting to join the talented Shiru team to unveil unique properties that nature has provided. Searching through many candidates at Shiru, I am thrilled to learn more about what plants offer us as key sustainable ingredients.”

Outside of work, you can find Chingyao making Taiwanese cuisine and enjoying outdoor activities with his family.