Shiru is creating the next generation of sustainable ingredients.

Sustainability is at our core.

Let’s be honest: Our food system is deeply flawed. Global agriculture — particularly our reliance on livestock — is accelerating global warming, fueling extinction, and exacerbating our public health crisis.

But here’s the good news: by redesigning foods, we can reverse global warming, restore native ecosystems, and make people healthy. And the path forward is easier and more cost effective than you might think.

Revolutionary Discoveries.

We’re reverse-engineering food from the molecule up to make novel ingredients that are categorical upgrades to those we get today from conventional agriculture. Our corporate customers — from plant-based startups to major food conglomerates — incorporate Shiru ingredients to make delicious, nutritious, and sustainable foods that consumers around the world will love. How do we do it? A patent pending discovery platform that will revolutionize the protein world.

Delicious, nutritious, sustainable, and scalable.

In the last decade, scientists have made major advances in microbiology, sensory analysis, and other disciplines. By using state-of-the-art equipment and basic science breakthroughs, we have the potential to make all of our favorite foods — from eggs to ice cream — with a small fraction of the land, water, and energy needed to produce them through conventional livestock and farming systems. We can make sustainable foods without asking the consumer to compromise on taste, nutrition, or value, shrinking the environmental footprint of food.

Our ingredients enable food companies to make better foods quickly and at scale — without the need for our corporate customers to develop large R&D teams in-house. And everything we make — from our ingredients to our manufacturing processes — is designed for massive economies of scale and robust business continuity.

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Bottom line: Fixing our food system is the best way to fix Earth itself. That’s why Shiru is bringing together the most brilliant minds from academia, startups, and the global food industry to make a full suite of novel ingredients that take advantage of cutting-edge tools such as precision fermentation and artificial intelligence.