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Reversing Climate Change

without Diet Changes

Shiru was born out of a deep belief that food should be delicious and nourishing without negatively affecting our planet. Each day, our team pours their hearts and energy into discovering and creating novel ingredients so food companies can develop great-tasting plant-based products.

Making sustainability

the new normal.

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It’s time to transform the food system. Here’s how we are doing that.

Shiru uses cutting-edge technology to develop functional food ingredients which enable and promote sustainable food production.

At the heart of Shiru is Flourish™, our patent pending discovery platform. Flourish™ finds the best ingredients nature has to offer, using machine learning and bioinformatics to mine our proprietary database.

But Flourish™ is more than a tool—it’s a process; one that is constantly getting smarter and functionally richer.

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Millions of Proteins, Infinite Possibilities

Nature has everything needed to create alternatives to meat, dairy, eggs, and gelatin without having to compromise on taste, nutrition, or quality. We’re on a mission to create functional ingredients that enable animal-free food products to taste, feel, and cook just like their traditional counterparts.

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Join forces
with Shiru

As an emerging functional ingredient company with big-time dreams, Shiru is passionate about working collaboratively to reform the global food system.


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Our mission, (y)our future.

Fixing our food
system is the best way to fix Earth itself.

Jasmin Hume, Founder & CEO

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Strive for sustainability

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Drive innovation

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Focus on thoughtfulness

Join the sustainable revolution

Do you share our passion for creating and advocating for sustainable food systems? Join us in our journey and be a part of something revolutionary.

We are Shiru

We are continually inspired by our world-class team of experienced technology experts and food scientists. Get to know the wonderful people who are transforming the future of food.

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